"By far, participation in the Hydrate Tour was the best decision that I have made since assuming the role of Superintendent of Selma City Schools. The students of Selma City Schools experienced through music, dramatic recreations of life events, and testimonials, the power of their choices and the life defining outcomes of those choices. The event was truly transformational! I believe that the Hydrate Campus Tour has laid an unbreakable foundation for students that the district and community can build upon so that students will be conscience of the choices that lead to their ultimate wellbeing and success in life. On behalf of the Selma City School Family, thank you and all the wonderfully passionate volunteers for sowing seeds of LIFE into our students! -- Dr. Angela Mangum (Superintendent of Selma City Schools)

"The Hydrate Campus Tour events are completely unrivaled in the school systems. In my 13 years as a student and 12 years as a teacher at Curry High School, I have never witnessed an event of this magnitude. The reputation of Hydrate fueled high expectations. My expectations, however, paled in comparison to the actual events. The Hydrate team was able to present a high-energy, jam-packed, understandable, educational, age-appropriate, relevant and emotionally griping message that desperately needs to be heard by students today. Everyone loved it! It was so encouraging to see the whole community come together and have such a great time. The opportunity to work with Hydrate Campus Tours has been a highlight in my career. A true appreciation for what Hydrate offers can only be experienced; words simply won’t do it justice! I can already sense a positive shift in school culture. I am excited to experience the effects in the community."  --Kelli Porter (Teacher at Curry High School) 

"The energy and passion that Hydrate has really stood out to me.  You can tell they love what they do.  The depth of the topics was what spoke to me the most.  Hydrate was willing to go there and say the things that need to be said; the things our kids need to hear."  --Principal Coker (Tallassee High School)  

"I found the Hydrate assembly to be both entertaining for the students and impactful in its message. From start to finish, in a variety of ways, the presenters spoke to the issues that we as teachers and administrators see plaguing the well-being of our students. I spent much of the rest of the day having students thank me for bringing this event to our campus." --Principal Dixon (Calera High School)

"We all really enjoyed having you here. I believe what you and your team are doing is a great service to our youth. The students really like how you incorporate your message into music and story telling."  --Principal Bourland (Marion Co. High School)

"This was the most enlightening experience for my students. The Hydrate group had the students engaged from the moment they took the stage. The message of making the right choices in life was clear, concise, and well-received. I recommend this group to every middle and high school because we can’t miss any opportunity to steer our students in the right direction."  --Principal Lewis (Montevallo Middle School) 

"Never have I witnessed the students so engaged and receptive. From start to finish, they were hooked."  --Mrs. Miller (Teacher at Bessemer City High School) 

"The Hydrate program was incredible and a great success. The message was delivered with vitality, current information, and in a manner that young people could understand. The staff was very creative, upbeat, and sincere in their presentation. A grateful appreciation to the staff and supporters of the Hydrate for Life Project."  --Assistant Principal Linda Beverly (Smith Middle School) 

"This tour belongs in every high/middle school in this nation."  --Principal Jody Whaley (Saks High School) 

"Hydrate is an absolutely incredible, thought provoking performance. The students at Carver High School were totally captivated. Hydrate held their undivided attention on real issues that afflict today's teens. In fact, I have never seen them more attentive. Hydrate also provided a calm in the midst of turbulent times at our school. The impact of Hydrate was felt immediately and had a positive impact on the entire North Birmingham community. I will definitely have them back in the future. All schools and communities could benefit from Hydrate."  --Principal Dr. Charles L. Willis, Jr. (G. W. Carver High School) 

"The Hydrate Campus Tour recently made a stop at Thompson High School. The program they put on for our students was engaging and their message challenged students to think about the choices they make and how those choices may impact their lives. They seemed to really care about, and connect with our students and did a great job helping our students see the impact poor choices can have on anyone."  --Assistant Principal Jeff Nichols (Thompson High School) 

"I witnessed students from grades Kindergarten to 12th grade be captivated by Hydrate's unique delivery. I was almost brought to tears as my students at Midfield High School burst into applause before the conclusion of the anti-bullying skit; they weren’t just entertained, they got the message. It was so powerful our faculty/staff, students, and community continued to talk about the tour days later. Our Hydrate experience was provocative, entertaining, and transformative. Communities everywhere can definitely benefit from Hydrate’s message.  --Social Worker & Counselor RaSheda Gulley (Midfield High School)

"The topics presented lined up perfectly with some challenges we faced just the day before."  --Principal Katrina Hills (Vicksburg Junior High School)

"Our students and faculty truly loved and appreciated Hydrate coming to Warren Central.  Many of our students connected with the content and message of the performances.  The reflections of hope and love throughout the day were outstanding!  Please keep up the good work!"  --Principal Eric Green (Warren Central High School)

"Thank you!  You guys do a great work!  I wish you continued success as you work to impact the lives of young people."  -- Principal Kyle Ferguson (Northridge High School)

"On behalf of Jones Valley Middle School, I would like to send you and your team a HUGE, "Thank you!"  You all did a fabulous job. Several teachers are debriefing with their students about today's presentation.  Those that have already had a moment to do so are very pleased with the discussions that have evolved from your message.  You all advertised that the presentation would "Hydrate" us, and that is exactly what it did.  We are all so pleased with your presentation and we look forward to building a lasting relationship with you all.  I am confident that students connected personally with your message and learned lessons that will stick with them forever!" --School Counselor Katia Williams (Jones Valley Middle School)

"Thank you for coming to Wenonah High School.  I appreciated so much your attention to detail.  I also loved that you used everything (music, human video, dance, etc.) to meet our students where they are.  Being a musician and thespian, I was so impressed with the transitions.  I loved that there were no pause and that everything was timely and relevant.  Thank you for caring enough to come to our community to inspire and transform." --Choral Instructor Joycelyn Whatley (Wenonah High School)